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    Medical Rep Lounge is a hub that welcomes anyone working in the medical device industry to share information and collaborate on industry trends. While there are other platforms that offer similar discussion we have taken a hybrid approach to build our forum. In the Medical Rep Lounge, we offer members the ability to collaborate somewhere between the boundaries of complete anonymity and full disclosure of their credentials. We feel this promotes a professional and intellectual environment to discuss topics that range from industry news to those seeking topic related feedback from their peers. Similar to other forums members will create a user name of their choice and post will be made under that unique identity. As you navigate through the site you will find sub forums specific to the various specialties within the medical device industry. These sub forums will expand as content grows and warrants extension of industry related discussion.

    We welcome you and hope you find Medical Rep Lounge as the go to source for information and discussion related to the medical device industry.
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